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Bottom Google Ads
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What are bottom Google ads? Bottom Google ads are search engine results page (SERP) snippets that appear at the bottom of the search results page, underneath organic search results.

Bottom Google ads are search engine results page (SERP) snippets that appear at the bottom of the search results page, underneath organic search results.

For competitive keywords with many ads, the ads get broken up and spread across the page. This way, the person searching doesn’t feel overwhelmed by seeing one ad after the other. To help with user experience, ads can be displayed at the top or bottom of the page and sometimes in the sidebar.

An example of a bottom Google ad

When you scroll to the bottom of the SERP for a keyword, you might see an ad. The user can tell it’s an ad because the content includes the word “Ad” in bold.

This SERP for “healthy coffee creamer” included shopping image ads at the top (not pictured in this image), several organic results, and then some ads at the bottom.

Ad placement location depends on various factors, including your location, ad quality score, and bid. The higher your ad is on the page, the more likely viewers are to click on it. That’s true even if it’s after the organic search results.

The benefits bottom Google ads provide

You may initially feel disappointed to see your ad at the bottom of the page instead of right at the top where you imagined it would be. However, Google bottom ads are beneficial in their own unique way.

Because they appear underneath the organic search results, they can be enticing to searchers who scrolled through an entire page and still didn’t find what they’re looking for. Plus, most people are used to seeing ads at the top of the page, but they typically don’t expect to see them at the bottom. So, this placement blends in nicely with the organic results.

When Google first introduced these ads in 2011, they found that bottom ads have a higher CTR than sidebar ads.

Additionally, bottom Google ads are:

  • Less expensive than Google top ads.
  • Not overwhelming to the user since they don’t overcrowd the SERP.
  • Optimizable, allowing you to outrank other bottom ads.
  • PPC-eligible, so you can only pay for the users who visit your website.

What type of content is used for bottom Google ads?

What type of content is used for bottom Google ads?

While most SERP snippets are free, you have to pay for ads and set up a Google ad campaign.

It’s important to strategically optimize your Google ad campaign to outperform other ads at the bottom of the SERP.

Pay special attention to these factors that affect your ad’s position:

  • Landing page: Google keeps tabs on your ad’s landing page to make sure it’s helpful and relevant to users. Keep your website up to date, and make sure that your ads lead to the most relevant page on your website.
  • Bid amount: You can control the maximum amount you want to pay per click. Ads with higher bids show up in better positions on the SERP.
  • Ad content: Your ad should be highly relevant to your target audience. Location and keywords make a big difference. So if yours are relevant, your ad outperforms the competition.

Upset because your Google ad shows up at the bottom of the page instead of at the top? It might actually be a good thing. Bottom ads blend better with organic results and can entice people who still haven’t found an answer to their problem. #SEO… Click To Tweet

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