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The new year brings fresh, new updates for all social media platforms that marketers can’t live without and consumers can’t get enough of daily. As you’re working to meet your client deadlines or finalize that new marketing campaign, check out these social media updates that will help you stay in the know of the new features and releases for crucial platforms.

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Facebook app updates:

Meta recently shared all of the latest feed updates on the Facebook App. There are a lot of changes happening with Facebook, and they’ve recently shared a detailed outline for users and marketers alike to review all of the recent updates. (By the way, the Facebook App name remains the same, but its parent company is no longer Facebook, Inc. It’s now called Meta.)

Facebook Gaming launches PAC-MAN™ Community. PAC-MAN™ and gamers now have an opportunity to experience the fun through Facebook gaming. The game is integrated into Facebook gaming and allows multiple Facebook players to enjoy the experience and play together.

Twitter updates:

Twitter is reviewing how it handles reported tweetsIf you’ve ever had an issue on the platform, you know it’s practically impossible to get live support or to follow up on reported tweets. Well, the platform is now acknowledging a few of the breakdowns and states its plan to overhaul the process

Instagram updates:

You can now embed a mini profile version of Instagram on a website. Instagram’s API is typically closed and protected, but they recently announced that you can now embed Instagram profiles on a website. It will be a mini version of the entire profile, but it’s possible nonetheless. Before this feature, you could only embed one photo or post at a time. Also, in order to do this, you would need to make sure your website is owned and verified by you through Facebook Business Manager.

Instagram launches Playbacks for your favorite Stories of the year. As we conclude 2021, Instagram releases its latest Instagram Stories feature called Playbacks. If you’re wondering how it works, think of the “top nine” photo grid that most people share on their feeds, but for Stories. This feature allows you to share your most memorable Stories of the year.

Your chronological feed is coming back soon. The news is out! The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, recently shared the information that the chronological feed will return to the platform. The option will be a security measure for online safety for children. We don’t have a timeline for the release, but we promise to keep you posted.

Instagrammers can now reply to comments directly on Reels. If you didn’t know, Reels is currently the most powerful feature on the platform to gain maximum organic exposure and reach. With that, community management and nurturing the conversations are crucial, and it’s getting a little easier to do that with the latest update to Reels. Now, you can reply directly to each comment vs. responding within the comment feed. Go ahead and shout out your fans directly under their comments! It not only boosts your engagement but it cultivates stronger relationships and connections on the platform.

TikTok updates:

TikTok is noted as the most popular website for 2021. According to new data from Cloudflare, the social media platform ranks above Facebook and Google in popularity. TikTok’s position moved significantly from last year when it ranked between seventh and eighth place.

TikTok moderator sues the company. A TikTok social media moderator is now suing the company over mental trauma caused by graphic videos and content on the platform. There is now a proposed class-action lawsuit to the social media platform and its parent ByteDance.

Snapchat updates:

You can unlock your Snapchat memories for 2021, beginning December 14. ‘Tis the season to reflect on the memories of 2021! If you desire to see your year in Snaps, the platform is making it possible, and you have the option to share privately or publicly.

LinkedIn updates:

LinkedIn released a report for 2022 B2B marketing and sales predictions. Promoting to a business-to-business audience requires a unique marketing approach with intentional messaging. With LinkedIn’s data in Audience Network, the platform recently released predictions based on user behaviors and trends worth watching.

Pinterest updates:

Pinterest releases its 2022 predictions. From emotional escape rooms to relation-tips, Pinterest recently unveiled its 2022 predictions, with over 150 trends to review and consider for your content strategy on the platform. If you’re new to Pinterest marketing, remember that Pinners are planners. If you’re sharing your pins close to or on special days, you’re already too late. Plan and execute early for the aspirational Pinners that “Pin now to use later.”

Pinterest launches video replies to comments. Want to spice up your community management style on Pinterest? Well, now you can incorporate video replies into your community-building strategy. If this is something you can invest in, begin with your FAQs and enhance your responses. Have fun with this approach and remember to stay engaged, should Pinners reply to your videos.

YouTube updates:

YouTube discovers millions of incorrect copyright claims. The appeal process is a continual frustration point for content creators on the YouTube platform, but the company plans to make the process more transparent and its review process more frequent. This comes after its recent reveal of millions of incorrect copyright complaints made against content creators.

Reddit updates:

Here are five Reddit clients that improve the platform’s user experience. If you feel frustrated by Reddit’s native platform, here are five potential options that can drastically improve your user experience based on your needs and what matters most to you.

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