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We’re in an interesting position over here in ClearVoice blogland; week in and week out, we’re aiming to create useful and engaging content about how brands can create useful and engaging content. Some of your pain points are our pain points. We get it.

We especially know how challenging it is to consistently come up with compelling ideas for the company blog. In fact, 60 percent of B2B marketers surveyed for the 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends study from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs said producing engaging content was a top challenge.

How Content Studio powers new blog ideas for your content marketing

That’s where Content Studio — and this post — comes in.

We explained what Content Studio is and how to use it back in August. For this post, we used this tool to deliver real results based on the current content sharing landscape across 11 industries.

Here’s what that process looked like:

  • We performed and saved more than 50 Content Studio searches
  • Our content strategy team identified the most compelling results and used them as inspiration to create compelling content ideas
  • And now you can use these ideas for your own blog

One hundred and two unique publishers are cited here, including leading newspapers, publications and personal blogs. All results were published in the past year.

Now let’s get down to results.


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Small business


Best Results:

This search unveils how the mobile takeover has expanded beyond enterprise businesses. Mom-and-pop shops now have to think about mobile e-commerce and customer service.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Ways SMBs are Utilizing Mobile Marketing, and Why You Should Too



Best Results:

This search brings you the latest in how businesses use customer reviews. The results advise you on how to respond to a review and how to use them for lead generation.

Content Studio Powered Concept: How to Use Online Reviews to Your SMB’s Advantage



Best Results:

Use “case study” searches to find data-driven analysis and long-form posts.

Content Studio Powered Concept: How Small Businesses Can Create & Learn From Marketing Campaigns



Best Results:

A “title:(keyword)” search narrows results, so they’re relevant. Marketing resources for social media, blogging and website design are all discovered here.

Content Studio Powered Concept: How to Build a Digital Presence for Your SMB



Best Results:

Here we’re able to combine a highly discussed topic — “surviving the first year in business” — with a timely element, such as the economy.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Must-Know Small Business Tips to Overcome a Slow Economy

Enterprise business


Best Results:

Both of these articles present tips for CIOs to be successful, so an article with additional tips makes sense.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Traits of Successful Enterprise CIOs



Best Results:

Another example of how a “case study” search quickly identifies in-depth sources.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Tips to Grow Your Online Startup Exponentially



Best Results:

If you’re looking to discuss mergers, Content Studio brings you news stories about the impactful mergers and acquisitions as well as actionable tips for those involved.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Merger Hurdles Faced by Enterprise CEOs



Best Results:  

Content Studio gives you insights from all types of publications. Here there’s a WSJ article and a blog post from Data Informed which focuses on big data and analytics.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Tips for Turning Big Data Into Big Decisions



Best Results:

A site search scans a website for the most-shared content. These studies will provide a bounty of information on successful executives.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Studies That Show What to Look for in an Executive

Career & interviewing


Best Results:

Another example of using site search to easily identify the best resources on an industry-leading publication.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Sound the Part: X Conversation Tips for Impressing at Your Interview


number_12 12

Best Results:

Here’s a great example of getting the best out of different publications: Quora, HuffPost and all have very different content objectives. Reviewing all sources helps you separate biased vs. unbiased information.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Tips for Balancing Hard and Soft Skills on a Resume


number_13 13

Best Results:

Content Studio can help you find both sides of the story. Here are examples of lucrative careers vs. a report about the challenges millennials face in the job market.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X College Majors That Will Ensure Millennial Job Security


number_14 14

Best Results:

Here’s an example of a generic search providing useful results. Use it to come up with a new angle, such as career tips from successful people, celebrities, etc.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Career Tips From Extremely Successful Men


number_15 15

Best Results:

Content Studio Powered Concept: The Toughest Job Interviews in America and How to Crush Them

Home & garden & crafts

number_16 16

Best Results:

There’s an unlimited amount of DIY project lists out there. Content Studio helps you identify which ones are the best and which audiences you can target, such has newlyweds.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X DIY Projects for Newlyweds


number_17 17

Best Results:

Take the best information from the best results to support your content. For example, a raised garden bed, birdhouse and garden trellis completes a chic garden.

Content Studio Powered Concept: How to Start Your Own Chic Garden Without Spending a Fortune




Best Results:

Content Studio Powered Concept: X DIY Projects Even DIY Veterans Struggle With


number_19 19

Best Result:

As with Google search, using “*” tells Content Studio, “input relevant words here.” This is a great way to develop new ideas.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Don’t Throw That Away: X DIY Projects You Didn’t Know You Could Make


number_20 20

Best Results:

Searches with quality results but not quantity can be improved by using “OR” and adding a similar term.

Content Studio Powered Concept: DIY: Which Homemade Cleaning Product Works Best?

Parenting & mom blogging

number_21 21

Best Results:

A similar approach to #14. Discussing famous people is a good idea in our celebrity-obsessed society.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Parenting Advice From X Famous Dads


number_22 22

Best Results:

Here’s the reasoning behind this one: If multiple publications discuss how game theory can help parents, other psychology factors are worth discussing as well.

Content Studio Powered Concept: How Parents can Use Psychology to be a Better Parent


number_23 23

Best Results:

Searching for multiple words in a title is effective when you have a basic idea in your head and want to make sure there’s enough information out there to run with it.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Celebrity Parents who Put Their Kids First


number_24 24

Best Results:

Hacks, tricks and tips are all great searches for finding highly shared listicles.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Parenting Hacks That Will Make Your Kids Happy and Life Easier


number_25 25

Best Results:

Here we found the phrase “co-parenting” from a more generic search term. Now you can conceptualize a post around that.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Reasons Co-Parenting Is Best for You and Your Kids


number_26 26

Best Results:

You should make content that speaks to both small and large target audiences. Here’s an idea that fits a niche.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Ways Parents Can Prepare Their Children With Disabilities for School

Health & fitness

number_27 27

Best Results:

As mentioned, a title search is one of the best ways to quickly access relevant results.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Fitness Myths: The True, The False, and the Crazy



Best Results:

As mentioned in No. 19, using “*” is a great way to develop new ideas.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Fitness Tips for Working Women to Reduce Anxiety and Improve Efficiency


number_29 29

Best Results:

As you can tell, celebrity themes work across industries.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Fit Females: How Hollywood’s Hottest Stay in Shape


number_30 30

Best Results:

Content Studio can help you formulate entire campaigns around weighty topics, such as cancer.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Health Tips for Men With a Family History of Cancer


number_31 31

Best Results:

Using “vs.” in a search or title search helps you find comparison articles.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Which Fitness Tracker is Right for me: Fitbit vs Samsung vs Garmin


number_32 32

Best Results:

Content Studio Powered Concept: The Gamification of Education: How to Make Learning Addictive


number_33 33

Best Results:

Here Content Studio is able to connect two themes you wouldn’t normally associate together: tech companies and education.

Content Studio Powered Concept: How the Biggest Tech Companies Are Helping Students


number_34 34

Best Results:

Content Studio can help you tackle two audiences at once — these same results could be used for a teacher-oriented concept.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Tips for Success When Logging in to Your First MOOC


number_35 35

Best Results:

In addition to blog and article content, great resources such as lesson plan templates are crawled as well.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Teacher Tips: How to Find Free Lesson Plans


number_36 36

Best Results:

Opening articles and skimming them can lead you to new ideas. Both of these articles detail job hunting costs, which inspired this new concept:

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Tax-Saving Tips to Keep in Mind While Job Hunting


number_37 37

Best Results:

New search ideas will come naturally as you vet results. Here we see the obvious but helpful connection between “savings plan” and “retirement.”

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Tips for Getting a Headstart on Your Retirement Goals


number_38 38

Best Results:

App articles are overdone, but “app” as a search term can lead to compelling stories about innovation and disruption.

Content Studio Powered Concept: The Future of Finance: X Apps That May Change Finance Forever



Best Results:

Using “vs.” in a search or title search helps you find comparison articles.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Does the Free Mint Budgeting App Hold up Against Costly Competitors?

Enterprise tech & IT

number_40 40

Best Results:

Filtering by published date is a powerful tool for staying up to date with trends and industry developments.

Content Studio Powered Concept: How Big Business Is Doubling Down on Cloud Technology


number_41 41

Best Results:

Reviewing top results on Content Studio is a great way to understand subject material, thus making you a better content strategist.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Blockchain: How Big Business is Removing the Middle Man From Finance


number_42 42

Best Results:

This search and the one below are examples of keywords you might see mentioned in other articles. Use them to uncover a specific aspect of a given topic.

Content Studio Powered Concept: How Microservices Help Enterprise Better Serve Customers


number_43 43

Best Results:

Here’s a good example of a search that requires technical industry knowledge. Luckily, our content strategy team stacks up knowledge from nearly every industry.

Content Studio Powered Concept: How Low-Code Platforms Solve High-End Problems for Big Business



Best Results:

Marketplace Tip: When you’re dispatching a complex assignment such as this to the ClearVoice Marketplace, give writers multiple resources and explain what you like about each. This will establish the level of research and detail involved.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Why Traditional Marketers Are Skeptical of Using Predictive Analytics


number_45 45

Best Results:

The “past month/past 6 months” filters not only help you find trends, but they can also provide you with resources for when planning posts for the upcoming year.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Fitness Travel Experiences to Embark on in 2017


number_46 46

Best Results:

This is a great example of how to use resources and messaging to target a specific audience — solo female travelers in this case.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Backpacking Through Europe With Only the Pack on Your Back


number_47 47

Best Results:

Here we connected two themes, “luxury travel” and “fashion.” You might miss this connection had you not seen the search results.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Lessons That Luxury Fashion Brands Can Take From the Travel Industry


number_48 48

Best Results:

As you can see, “how to” searches are one of the favorite plays in our content strategy playbook.

Content Studio Powered Concept: Luxury Budgeting: X Ways You Can Afford to Travel Like a Celebrity


number_49 49

Best Results:

The power of Content Studio is evident by the ability to identify content ideas in different niches for different demographics, such as LGBT-friendly travel.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Tips for Safe International LGBT Travel

Tech & gadgets

number_50 50

Best Results:

There are lots of variations you can do with “Samsung” and “Apple” — but even the most basic entry still provides good resources.

Content Studio Powered Concept: How Samsung Beat Apple in the International Market


number_51 52

Best Results:

For something like VR (virtual reality), use the Past Month filter to find up-to-date insights.

Content Studio Powered Concept: How Android is Preparing for the VR Revolution


number_52 53

Best Results:

A plethora of terms can be paired with “future” effectively, especially in the tech category.

Content Studio Powered Concept: X Ways Wearable Tech Will Change Your Everyday Life


number_53 54

Best Results:

This search could be applied to TV technology — like the latest and greatest in TV manufacturing — but compelling articles about TV advertising stole the show.

Content Studio Powered Concept: The Future of Advertising on Network Television

There you have it — 53 solid ideas for blog content generated by Content Studio and the brilliant minds of ClearVoice’s own content strategists. To learn more about our software and how it can make your blog better, take a test drive.

Special thanks to the intrepid ClearVoice content strategists: 
  • Ryan Black 
  • Michael Brewer
  • Heather Brick
  • Melody Valdez

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