Guide to Making a Feature-Length Listicle

Guide to Make a Feature-Length Listicle
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Although listicles aren’t for every brand, they can help you clearly organize your ideas — and make them easily scannable by readers. Using a clear, templated structure (like the tried-and-true listicle) also makes it easier for your freelancers to deliver content in a ready-to-publish format that needs less editing.

Our team drafted an example template, “Listicle for Top 5 Strategies,” to cover a common listicle tactic: relaying multiple strategies to solve a problem. We geared our template to suit a feature-length article with 1,000+ words.

Get started on your listicle and follow these tips:

  • Convey the primary keywords and tone to the writer.
  • Clearly define the format and approximate length for each section.
  • Don’t forget a solid intro and conclusion.

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