Google Search Results Explained: Maps and Pins

Google Search Results Explained: Maps and Pins
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What are Google Maps and pins? Google Maps and pins are part of the Local Pack, the SERP snippet that appears on the first page of results for location-specific Google searches. It shows a map of business locations and three relevant listings.

Google Maps and pins are part of the Local Pack, the SERP snippet that appears on the first page of results for location-specific Google searches. It shows a map of business locations and three relevant listings.

This helps people find your business and know where it is. Best of all, you can take advantage of this highly effective form of advertising without paying a single cent.

An example of Google Maps and pins

This SERP for “pet stores austin texas” shows you what Google Maps and pins look like.

SERP for “pet stores austin texas”

Users can click on the map to get a big-picture understanding of the location of each store. And if you click on the “View all” button at the bottom, you’ll see even more businesses in the area.

Here’s what that looks like:

more businesses in the area

On this page, you can sort the stores by rating. You can also quickly sort by their hours, so if you’re looking for one that’s open late, it’s easy to see your options.

Another possibility is to click on a single pin to learn more about the business. When you do this, you can see popular times, read reviews, and get the business contact information.

Here’s what this expanded entry looks like:

expanded entry

The benefits Google Maps and pins provide

Google Maps and pins rise to the top of search results and help more people find your business.

This SERP snippet can include:

  • A pin on the map so users can see your proximity to their location
  • An image previewing your business
  • A link to learn more about your business
  • Your hours of operation
  • Contact information
  • At-a-glance online reviews
  • Questions and answers about your business

5 ways to optimize for Google Maps and pins

Since Google Maps and pins are all about location, your content must focus on local SEO. Here are a few things you can do to rise to the top.

1. Create your Google My Business account

Creating your Google My Business account is the first step to appearing in Google Maps and pins. Without an account, potential customers won’t see a pin on the map when searching for local businesses like yours.

2. Optimize your Google My Business account

To optimize your Google My Business account, use strategic keywords so your target customers can find you. You should also add high-quality photos and respond to all customer reviews. Be sure to follow Google’s guidelines for representing your business.

3. Submit your business to local listings

Find online listing sites for businesses like yours, and submit your business to them. Links are critical to Google Maps ranking, so you want links to your business to appear in as many places as possible.

4. Update your social media channels

Your social media pages should provide local information and generate user interaction. If your customers and potential customers see your business on their feeds, they’re more likely to find your website or look for your business location on Google Maps.

Focus on expanding your reach online.

5. Generate positive user reviews

When your business listing shows up on Google Maps, the first thing people notice is your average star rating from customer reviews. If you want to stand out from your local competitors, it’s critical that your business has an excellent rating.

Try to generate reviews through Google My Business and Yelp first, as these are the most prominent online review sites.

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