1. Gain executive buy-in and budget.
  2. Share the vision with other departments.
  3. Sell others on being part of the process.
  4. Develop buyer personas to ensure your content resonates with buyers.
  5. Establish a manageable content plan (e.g., basic SEO, blogging, email and social media).

Intermediate content marketing organizations

If you have reached this phase, you probably have a blog, participation from subject matter experts, a social media presence, and reporting. Maybe you have experimented with other content forms like videos, infographics, ebooks or white papers, and podcasts. However, things could still use a little fine-tuning. Focus in on your persona-related and content audit questions above to make improvements.

If your organization is in this phase, spend time prioritizing next steps as follows:

  1. Refine your buyer personas for a more in-depth picture of your ideal customer.
  2. Audit your existing content and ask if it meets the needs of the ideal customer (your new, in-depth persona).
  3. Determine if you have content topics and formats that speak to buyers at each stage of their buyer’s journey.
  4. Experiment with new content promotion and distribution methods to reach more qualified audiences (remarketing or paid social media, for example).

Advanced content marketing brands

If your organization has reached the advanced stage, congratulations! You’ve already done the hard work to build a culture of content and perfect your messaging and reach methods to inform, educate and engage target audiences. Just don’t get too comfortable. You can never stop learning and growing.

Suggestions for companies at this stage involve next-level content thinking:

  1. Study new trends in online marketing, including things like voice skills for Alexa or Google Home, virtual reality and augmented reality. Consider the implications these new content forms will have on your SEO.
  2. Experiment with machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms that can help you personalize content for each new visitor.
  3. Treat your content site as a media property that is as valuable as the product or service itself, and ask for the budget and resources that the effort deserves. Be ready to prove ROI when you make the ask.

25 questions content strategy creation

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